Where Can I play Double Bubble Slots?

double bubble logoDouble Bubble is a Gamesys developed game that features exclusively on its group of popular, action packed websites.  We have written this guide to highlight the top sites that offer the game, along with information on each and the bonuses that each site provides to new players.  Although there isn’t a huge number of bingo sites that feature the Double Bubble slot machine, you can feel rest assured that the ones we have listed on this site, are highly reputable, have competitive payout percentages, and offer friendly support.

Double Bubble Bonus of the Month

Virgin Games – Claim 200% FREE!

virgin games november new

Welcome to Virgin Games – an excellent addition to the Gamesys group of gaming sites.  This site specialises in slots and bingo and players can choose from Double Bubble, Fortune Temple, Cleopatra, Wonderland, Da Vinci Diamonds, and many many more.  The welcome bonus is worth 200% of your first deposit and to get the full amount, deposit £100, and you will have £300 in total to play with.

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Other Double Bubble Bonuses

Site Name
Bonus Amount
Visit Site
200% up to £200
200% up to £200
250% up to £250
200% up to £200
200% up to £200


Starspins – 200% bonus, up to £200 free!

starspins 728x90

Starspins has been operating for over ten years and comes highly recommended thanks to its excellent welcome bonus, VIP programme, and wide variety of game options. Get a 200% welcome bonus with Virgin Games today to triple your first deposit.

Get 200% free up to £200 now!

FABULOUS BINGO – WHOPPING 300% to Play Double Bubble


Fabulous bingo is one of the newest additions to the Gamesys network of sites and offers its players a wide range of bingo rooms and slot games.  Its bonus is worth a massive 400% of a player’s initial deposit and these bonus funds can be played on all the games available at the site.

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heart bingo 728 x 90

Heart Bingo is part of Gamesys Ltd, who license the name from the owners of Heart FM. It has been grown into one of the busiest bingo and gaming sites in the UK and now offers lots of bingo options as well as a good choice of slots. If you would like to sign up with the site, why not take advantage of the 200% welcome offer by clicking here.

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Everything You Need to Know About Double Bubble Slot

double-bub-image-1If you are fancying some ‘bubbly’ slot game’s fun, with a potential chance to win real big, Double Bubble Slot could be the best option to ‘Go Bingo’. Developed by Gamesys Development Company, Double Bubble slot machine is a positive and unique bet in the world of slot games, where you could actually see some money rolling in. Double Bubble slot offers a unique slot games theme compared to the other distinct slots out there, providing with a completely new slot gaming experience.

Double Bubble has been a perfect deal to the players who fancy playing slot games, but are bored of the same, conventional slot game themes and styles. Double Bubble slots could procure you a handsome top prize of as much as £ 5000 and you’ll love to spoon out those bubbly bonuses on your way of winning big. The main objective of the game is matching the bubble symbols along the betting line and you could pocket a fantastic amount of money.



Coin Size

1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 25p

Win/Pay line




Max Payout

20,000 coins

Special Features

Bubble Line Bonus & Bonus Slot

Special Symbols

Wild & Bubby Symbols

Free Slot Spins



double-bub-2If you are fancying some ‘bubbly’ slot game’s fun, with a potential chance to win real big, Double Bubble Slot could be the best option to ‘Go Bingo’. Developed by Gamesys Development Company, Double Bubble slot machine is a positive and unique bet in the world of slot games, where you could actually see some money rolling in. Double Bubble slot offers a unique slot games theme compared to the other distinct slots out there, providing with a completely new slot gaming experience.

Double Bubble, like Tiki Island, has been a perfect deal to the players who fancy playing slot games, but are bored of the same, conventional slot game themes and styles. Double Bubble slots could procure you a handsome top prize of as much as £ 5000 and you’ll love to spoon out those bubbly bonuses on your way of winning big. The main objective of the game is matching the bubble symbols along the betting line and you could pocket in good amount of money.

If you could land all five Bubble signs along the betting line in a winning sequence, you can actually end up multiplying your cuts up to 22 times more. Alternatively, if you can set-up the Bubble Bonus symbols in the winning pattern, you could ensure your entry to the Bubble bonus rounds, thereby making your bonuses ‘go pop’ the target! With twenty pay table available at one go, you could actually go nuts and play with as little or as many risks you decide for, in every game. After placing all your preferred bets, simply hit the ‘Spin’ button on the machine and there you go! In addition, you could also go to the option ‘Bet Max’ to maximize the value of your bets for every available pay tables.

You could also add in the ‘Auto-Spin’ mode that will enable you to go for your work while your slot machine is spinning. Just be sure to not to spend all your salary at one single spin. You could also join the online chat session to chaff around with the online players and share your experience of highs and lows of the 5-Reel game. Double Bubble slot, again like its sister game, Tiki Island, is visually attractive with a flavor-ish and vibrant, fruity slot games theme, having an easy-to-use user interface that you would probably not find with any other slot games over the internet. Learning, Double Bubble slot machine features is very easy and with the below guide, you could start enjoying spinning before even knowing it.


Coins Sizes

The first and foremost step is to choose the ‘Double Bubble’ coin size as it will control over the amount of bets you make on each pay line. Double Bubble slot comes with 6 distinct coin sizes for you to choose from, which are 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 25p. Selecting the right coin sizes is of the utmost importance, as your winning amount will be evaluated on the multiples of the coin sizes – the larger your coin size is, the more is your winning payout. To toggle between the distinct coins just click on the + or – symbol located beside the coin size displaying option.


Win Lines/ Pay Lines

Next, you need to make the Win Lines selection to make your bets. You could select any number of win lines to make your bets on. Double Bubble offers up to 20 win lines at a single spin for you to bet. You can find these win lines marked in colors present across the slot reels. The more number of win lines you choose each spin, the more expensive will be the spin, but at the same time, your winning chances could be doubled as you might win on any distinct spin. To pick the number of win lines you fancy playing, three quick ways are:


  • Click on ‘BET ONE’ for adding another distinct line. In case you’ve clicked past the maximum number, your bet will revert back to one.
  • You could go for the colored numbers across the reels to make your bets.
  • Lastly, you could select the BET MAX option for electing a maximum number of win lines and initiate auto-spinning of the reels. Opting for multiple or several win lines, though increases the chances of your winning big, but it does not affect the amount of payouts that depends on the multiples of your coin sizes.

Wild Symbols

Just like that of a joker in cards, the symbol of Double Bubble is Wild, which is capable of substituting other symbols aside the Bubbly bonus symbols for accomplishing the winning pattern. If you could get in 5 Wild Symbol along the win lines, you could end up procuring the maximum 20,000 top prize x coin sizes payouts.


Bubble Line Win

In case a symbol shows up within a bubble, the symbol is placed on the 2nd winning area down the bubble lines. The symbols if show up within the 2nd area creates a winning sequence, the combo are multiplied with the number of win lines you bet on. Hence, if you wager on 20 win lines together, you procure x22 winning payout.


Bubble Bonus Game

If three bonus symbols appear at any place on the 1, 3 or 5 reels, the Bubbly Bonus round pops up. In the bonus round, you will receive with three bubbles from where you need to choose one, and if that chosen bubble burst out revealing a randomly selected coin multiplier, you win the bonus. Bingo!

Winstones Slot

As soon as you take a look at the screen of the Winstones slot you will realise it is a slot which does have some similarities to the Flintstones TV cartoon show! This is yet another colourful and highly playable slot game which has been designed by Gamesys and is available to play as an instant play slot at various online casino sites.

There are many unique aspects to the Winstones slot game that we think any avid slot player is going to appreciate, and with that in mind please do make the time to read through this entire slot game review and do consider testing this slot our sooner rather than later!

Stakes and Winning Payouts

You will have a range of different ways to play this slot for you can pick and choose the coin values, the number of coins and the pay lines you have in live play on each spin you play off. There are 25 paylines in total which should give max line players the best chance of spinning in a winning combination.

As with any slot game the Winstones slot comes with a pay table consisting of a range of different winning payouts any of which could be spun in. There are wild symbols attached to all five reels and by spinning in five of them on any activated pay lines you will be awarded with a 2000 coin jackpot payout when playing just one coin per payline per spin.

Those wild symbols will stand in for the vast majority of other reel symbols however the wild symbols will never stand in for the scatter symbols. The way in which you will be able to trigger what we think is a very exciting to play off bonus feature round is by you spinning in at least three or more of the scatter symbols.

If you do fancy playing the Winstones slot game and would prefer to get an idea of all of the available winning payouts then simply click onto the pay table button located on the slot game screen and all will then be revealed to you as you scroll thorough the pay table!

One final thing you will need to know in regards to your winning chances when playing this slot is just how high the payout percentage has been set on it. Well, being a Gamesys designed and supplied slot game you will find you always have a very fair chance of winning as the slot has of course been certified as being 100% random and the long term expected payout percentage is set high at some 95.65%

Wheel Spin Free Spin Awarding Bonus Game

Three or more of the scatter symbols need to have been spun in on any of the in view reel positions on the Winstones slot game for you to then get to play off its bonus game. However, that bonus game is a two part one and once triggered you will initially have to spin a bonus wheel to discover what you are then going to get to play off by a set of free spins!

The bonus wheel is divided up into 13 different segments. Five of those segments contain five free spins on x2 multipliers. There are also five segments of the wheel that contain 10 free spins on x3 multipliers plus there is also a segment contain 15 free spins on x3 multipliers, a single segment containing 20 free spins on x3 multipliers and one segment on which you will see displayed 20 free spins on x5 multipliers.

Once you have sent that bonus wheel spinning it will be the segment of the wheel and its content that you will end up playing off that is facing the win pointer, and it does of course going without saying that the one you will want to see spinning in is the segment containing 20 free spins on x5 multipliers!

One fun aspect to this slot game bonus found is that can be re-triggered, however when you do spin in three or more of the bonus scatter symbols during any one single free spins played off you do not get to spin the bonus wheel again, instead you are simply awarded the same number of free spins and the exact same multiplier as you have originally spun in on the initial stage of the bonus game.

Our Thoughts

We do enjoy playing slot games on which free spins an and will eventually trigger, and the one exciting aspect of playing the Winstones slot game is when you get to spin that bonus wheel, for you do tend to sit there willing the higher number of free spins to be spun in on it!

That does make this slot a very exciting slot to play, however just keep in mind that you are not always going to trigger a high number of free spins, for when we got stuck into playing it recently whilst we did trigger the free spins rounds several times, it was the 5 free spins on x2 multipliers we ended up triggering most times we spun that bonus wheel!

However, when everything does fall into place when you are playing this slot it can be a high paying slot, even when you are playing or fairly low stake amounts, and as the slot is fully configurable in regards to its staking options you can of course play it for any stake level you like.

All online bingo sites and casino sites that have the Gamesys supplied range of slot games on offer will permit you to test drive this slot in the demo mode version of the game, which for reference has been set to return the same high long term expected payout percentage.

So when testing it out in the free play environment you are going to always be getting a true and lifelike feel for the way the slot will also play when you start playing in for real money.

Secrets of the Phoenix Slot

Gamesys are fast getting a reputation as a slot game designer whose games are at the top of many slot players lists of games they cannot get enough of playing, and with the launch of the Egyptian themed Secrets of the Phoenix slot you are going to be in for a very exciting slot playing session if you give it a try.

One of the most interesting features of this slot is that it is available as an instant play slot game, which does of course mean to play it you are never going to have to waste any time downloading and then installing a full range of casino games! Take a good look through the following review of the Secrets of the Phoenix slot for we loved playing it and testing it out and we are sure you will too.

Fully Configurable Slot

You will be guaranteed of being able to find a staking option that suits your bankroll when playing the Secrets of the Phoenix slot game for it does have a set number of different staking options and ways to configure the stakes.

However, Gamesys have chosen to design this slot as one of their Fixed Pay Line slots so you are going to have in play exactly 25 pay lines per spin on which you cannot adjust or alter those pay lines.

The coin values and the number of coins you wager can be increased, however you will need to wager at least 25 coins per spin as one coin per spin will be activated on each of those 25 Fixed Pay Lines!

Now, what makes this slot quite unique is that whenever you have clicked onto the Spin button the reel symbols do not appear on the reels in the standard way, that being by the reels spinning and stopping, instead the reel symbols all tumble down onto the screen. This slot has a Tumbling Reels type of playing structure that give you the chance of winning lots of payouts from a single spin.

Bonus Games and Tumbling Reels

If you have never played a slot offering a Tumbling Reels symbol of playing structure before then allow us to give you an insight into what makes that type of playing format so highly appealing to a lot of players, and we are more than confident you will find it appealing!

Clicking onto the Spin button will see all of the previous spins reel symbols being cleared off from the screen and then a new set of reel symbols tumble down onto the screen. Once you have formed a winning combination on any of the 25 pay lines this slot forced you to play then those winning payouts are credited to your credit meter.

However, once you have been credited with that winning payout each of the matching reel symbols that formed a winning combination are then removed from the screen, that will of course see lots of gaps on the screen, and what happens next is the reel symbols about the vacant gaps on the screen drop down to fill in the gaps.

Any new winning combinations formed once the reel symbols have tumbled down to fill in the gaps are also awarded to you, and on the right hand side of the screen you will see a special ladder type animation and you will move up one position once the Tumbling Reels feature has kicked in.

If you get multiple winning combinations forming on consecutive Tumbling Reels features in the same game then as you work your way up the Bonus Ladder you may land on positions on that Bonus Ladder that will award you with free spins.

Free Games Feature

If from one single game played of you are lucky enough to have the Tumbling Reel feature being awarded to you then not only are you going to be credited with the winnings but could also trigger a set of free spins.

However, as there is the chance that you could get more than four consecutive winning combinations at least via the Tumbling Reels feature then the more you get the more free spins you will then be awarded with!

If you get four consecutive winning combinations at least from a single game played off you will be awarded with 7 free spins, if you manage to get five then the free spins increase to 10 free spins.

Six consecutive Tumbling Reel features on the trot from a single game will award you with 15 free spins and seven of them will see you being awarded with 20 free spins, you will also be awarded with 25 free spins if you made it to the top of the Bonus Ladder which you will do by getting eight consecutive Tumbling Reel features!

The free spins you will be awarded with will of course be played with 25 pay lines in live play and the same stakes will be in play one each of those free spins a you had in play on the triggering base game spin. The Tumbling Reels feature is also going to be in live play throughout the free spins feature too and as such you can be awarded with even more free spins.

Wild Reel Feature

One final thing to note about this slot is that there is also an additional bonus feature that can kick in, and that will be awarded to you whenever you have managed to clear an entire reel of its symbols on the base game spin or as the Tumbling Reels feature is in live play.

As soon as you do clear one reel completely of its in view reel symbols then that reel is going to become a wild reel for the very next Tumble, and as such there will be something of a much increased chance that you are going to be able to form at least one additional winning combination when you get one reel full of wild symbols!

In it for the Monet Slot

No one has an unlimited slot playing bankroll, and it is with that in mind we have chosen to present to you a large range of different slot games through our in-depth slot playing guides and reviews on which you will always have the ability of picking out your own stake levels.

There is one slot game which was launched back in November 2015 which has become very popular with slot players and that is the In It For The Monet slot which you will find is available as an instant play slot game at sites offering the large and very impressive range of Gamesys supplied slot machines.

This slot has been designed with avid slot players in mind and with its five video reels its 15 paylines and plenty of staking options you will always have plenty of ways to play it. However being a Gamesys slot there are several aspects to this slot that do make it something of a standout and must play slot.

Firstly as you will find out below the payout percentage it has been designed to return to players over their long term play has been set very high, and not only could you win a huge amount of cash via its base game there is also a potentially much higher paying bonus game that out can trigger.

Pick and Win Bonus Game

You will simply have to spin in three of the bonus symbols on any in play an activated payline to trigger what with some luck in playing could turn out to be a very high paying multi stake bonus game, so read on for how the bonus game will play off!

Once you have successfully managed to spin in the bonus symbols in the way described above then you will have to click on any of the Easels presented to you on the bonus game screen and by doing so you will reveal a set number of free spins and the multiplier that will also be in play for the duration of your free spins feature round.

The excitement attached to this multi stage pick and win bonus game is that there will never be a way of knowing just how many free spins you will get to play off nor the multiplier value until you have made your selection from the bonus game screen, so keep in mind you could trigger a small number of free spins on a low valued multiplier.

However, conversely you could be awarded with a huge number of re spins which could have some very high valued multipliers in play, and that is when you will have the greatest chance of achieving the maximum winning payout possible from that bonus game!

High Payout Percentage

Now one thing that you are never going to want to do when you choose to play online slot games is to make the mistake of playing what may seem like a fun to play and high paying slot, only to discover the payout percentage on that slot has been set very low.

That will certainly not be the case if you do decide to play the In it for the Monet slot, for it boasts a very high and more importantly fully certified long term expected payout percentage of a high 94.95%.

Just keep in mind however that as a random slot anything could happen when you are playing it, and as such your single session RTP is likely to fluctuate quite wildly as you win and lose during that session. However, the more you play this slot the more likely you are going to get fairly close to that RTP.

Why Play the in it for the Monet Slot?

Let us finally enlighten you on some additional aspects to the In It for the Monet slot that we think you will appreciate. Firstly the jackpot on offer on the base game is enormous, and by spinning in the jackpot paying combination on any activated payline, which for reference is achieved by getting five of the wild symbols on a payline you will be rewarded for your efforts with a 10000 coin jackpot payout.

The very fact that this slot game does have Wild symbols means that you are going to also be able to form additional winning combinations with the help of those Wild symbols, the only symbols they will never stand in for however are the bonus and scatter symbols.

We did of course give this slot a fair amount o play time to allow us to fairly review it, and one thing we did like about it was the high frequency of the bonus game. However, one thing we did notice is that you could end up revealing just a small number of free spins and low valued multipliers during that bonus game!

The slot does offer we feel a high variance type of playing structure and format, which you will already probably have realised yourself due to the high valued base game winning payout, so always ensure you keep your stake levels to ones you can afford as there will be times we are sure this slot can become something of a vacuuming cleaner and swallow up your bankroll fairly rapidly.

However, whenever you do choose to play high variance slots such as this one quite out of the blue you could sin in a massive valued base game winning payout, or be awarded with one to those once is a life time bonus game winning payouts too!

We are more than happy to recommend this slot to every single one of our website visitors, for the payout percentage is high and the fact is has been independently certified as being random and true means you will always get a good chance of ending your slot playing session on it with more money in your casino account balance that you started playing with. So do try and give it some play time soon!

If you are a fan of other Gamesys favourites like Double Bubble and the Tiki Island Game, then you are highly likely to enjoy the In It For the Money slot machine.


Fortune Temple Slot

You really should consider playing some of the brand new slot games that you will find being made available to you online and boy are you going to enjoy playing the Fortune Temple video slot game!

The Fortune Temple slot is a bonus game packed video slot and one thing you ay like about it is that with three bonus games waiting to be triggered on this mythically themed slot game you really are going to be in for a fun and very entertaining slot playing session if you get stuck into playing it of course!

Fortune temple is available through most of the sites listed here.

Optional Pay Lines

Let us now walk you through the way the Fortune Temple slot game has been put together, it is a five video reel slot on which players have a huge number of different option settings available.

You can play from one to twenty paylines on each base game pin you play off and have full control over the coin values too. Only one single coin can be wagered on each spin and to make playing it as easy as possible you can choose to manually click onto its Spin button to send the reels spinning you can make use of the Auto Play option.

There are also a set of standard Wilds symbols which can be spun in and those symbols will stand in for all of the other non bonus game awarding reel symbols. The base game jackpot is awarded to you when you have spun into view on any activated payline all five of the Wild Explorer reel symbols and that jackpot is worth 1000 coins.

However, the biggest valued winning payouts can be achieved once you have triggered one of the three unique bonus games which do trigger frequently and as such please now read on for details of how those bonus games are triggered.

Multiple High Paying Bonus Features

No expense has been spared in regards to the design of the Fortune Temple slot game, and when playing it you could trigger one of three very unique and exciting bonus games on any base game spin you have played off.

To give you an insight into how each of those unique bonus games are triggered and what you stand to win a you are playing them off, please take a look below as we have listed the bonus symbols and what you will then be playing off via a bonus game when you spin in enough of each symbol.

Gold Disc Symbols – On reels two, three and four there are a set of bonus symbols that are Gold Disc reel symbols, now whenever you are lucky enough to get all three of them spinning into view all together anywhere on those three separate reels you are going to trigger the Wheel of Fortune bonus game.

There are several segments of the bonus wheel which are all going to contain a different multiplier value. Once you have sent the wheel spinning you will be hoping the highest valued multiplier is the one that spins in opposite the win arrow, for that will be the multiplier used to multiplier your stake for that spin and to award your bonus game winning payout which with some luck in playing could be 1000 times your wagered amount on the base game spin that triggered this bonus game!

Gold Temple Door Symbols – You will progress through to the Temple of Fortune bonus game as soon a you have successfully spun into view at least three of the Gold Temple Door reel symbols anywhere in view on the screen from a single base game spin.

That bonus game will see you having to click on the stop button in the hope when you do you are awarded a number of steps instead of a collect symbol. The steps you are awarded will then see you making you way up the sites of the Temple, and the higher you make it before revealing a Collect on the stopping game the more you stand to win which for reference can be as high as 750 time your base game wager!

Treasure Chest Symbols – A you have just found on here can be some very large amounts of cash won via the bonus games on the Fortune Temple slot, and the third bonus game which is triggered once three or more of the Treasure Chest scatter symbols spinning into view is another one.

Once that combination of scatter symbols have been spun in then you will be presented with a set of Treasure Chest on the bonus game screen, you simply have to pick which one you think has the highest base game stake amount multiplier hidden within it, and on this picking based bonus game you could win a payout worth five hundred times the amount you wagered on the triggering spin!

Tips for Playing the Fortune Temple Slot

You will find the certified RTP of the Fortune Temple slot game is 94.90% and that does of course mean a higher proportion of your stakes you wager are going to be returned to you as winning payouts as you play this slot more and more.

However, being such a high paying slot that does make this slot something of an ideal game to play if you have any bonus credits in your casino account, and with some luck in playing this slot when trying to achieve the play through requirements attached to any bonus you have claimed this is one of the more likely slots that could see you doing just that!  If you are a fan of the Likes of Double Bubble and Tiki Island, then you are sure to appreciate Fortune Temple.

With that in mind do consider playing it if you have claimed a casinos bonus offers, however whether you play it with your real money funds or bonus credits you do have the chance of winning big via the bonus games. The payouts you can achieve when playing of those bonus games are always dependent on the stakes you wager on the base game, so play for as high a stake amount as you can afford!

Double Bubble Bonus of the Month

Heart Bingo

200% up to £50

Heart Bingo

One of the most popular gaming sites in the UK offering a wide choice of bingo and a great selection of slots, including Double Bubble, Cleopatra, Starburst, In it for the Monet, and Houdini. Join today and get up to £50 free after making a deposit.


  • Highly reputable brand
  • Free-phone customer support and live chat
  • High value bonus
  • Bingo, slots, and "instant win" games
  • Very low wagering requirements


  • Max welcome bonus slightly lower than some bingo sites

Overall Rating

Customer Support

Game Selection

Bonus value

Site Design


Heart Bingo Info

  • Casino: Heart Bingo
  • Website: www.heartbingo.co.uk
  • Established: 2005
  • Country: Great Britain
  • Support: Telephone, email, live chat
  • Minimum Deposit: £10
  • Deposit Bonus: Up to £50

JackpotJoy Sister Sites

Jackpotjoy is one of the coolest websites for gambling out there today. The design is great and very appealing and the website is also very easy to navigate.  Thanks to the developers, namely the Gamesys Group, their amazing graphics keep you hooked on to the games for hours together!

If you are looking for a JackpotJoy sister site to play on, then you are in luck, as we have listed all of top destinations.  We have also included information and the bonuses available in each case.




virgin new 728x90


starspins 728x90



heart bingo 728 x 90

Their website otherwise is quite neatly divided into sections. They have casino games as well as bingo games. There are a range of slot games to be played too.  You can also download the game on your mobile and play it. The bonuses and promotions are great as you stand a chance to win cash, gaming consoles, cinema tickets, household appliances and much more.

Promotions and Bonuses

It is always a pleasant surprise to know that a casino has a wide range of options for promotions and bonuses. The promotions change every week, hence, there is something unique and new about them all the time.

Since there are several promotions, we’ll talk about the most interesting ones.

One of them is the Big Brother Tournament. By playing this game, you can win a top prize of £1,000. Once you start playing games, you will also start earning the Big Brother vote that is worth £1.

Another amazing promotion that this website offers is the Beat The Banker where you will get a chance to play Deal or No Deal.

Along with this, if you have some time on Wednesdays, make the most of it by playing the Winners Wednesday promotion.

There is also something for players who play daily. Around £100 can be won on a daily basis during the Daily Draw.

Also, four players stand a chance to get selected and receive a cash prize of £25.

Download and Registration

There is no download required for any of the games as everything can be played on Flash.

You can play them directly in your browser, the only requirement being that you need to have a fast internet connection.

Banking Options

The payment methods include Switch, Visa Delta, MasterCard, Solo, Neteller and many more. You do not have to worry about your confidential information. It is quite safe and secure.

A Variety of Games Offered

The casino section offers all classic games that everyone likes to play namely roulette, blackjack, slots and more.

Video poker is also cool and engaging. Slots, on the other hand, have a variety to choose from.

Apart from this, there are a lot of other games offered. You can check out the entire list on their website.

Amazing Customer Support

The casino has a customer care unit that is available round the clock.

You can get in touch with them through telephone or email. The staff are polite and well-trained.

What’s more is that there is also an FAQ section that will answer most of your questions and doubts. The option of live chat is also available. It is advised to read the rules and regulations before registering yourself at Jackpotjoy.

Tiki Island Slot

tiki innit 2

The lucid Tiki Island slot game is based on the theme of pacific islands. The entertaining game has top prize money of a whopping ₤100,000!

What’s even more surprising is that this magnificent sum can be won by playing with a meagre 1 p.

Payouts at Tiki Island slot is the highest seen, among all slot machines and players progress to the jackpot round too from here.

Icons in the Tiki Island Slot Game

The simple slot game of Tiki Island is enriched by amazing animation, which includes colourful icons like Flowers, Princess, Monkeys, Fishes and Shields of island natives.

Here the scatter symbol is represented by the Drum symbol. Tiki Island symbol is the wild symbol that can substitute any other icons to complete the winning alignment.

In this 20 pay line game, payouts are made as per the indicated values in the pay table. Scatter and bonus game wins are tabulated as per the values assigned to the scatter symbols.

Trusted Slot Software

Tiki Island slot is brought out by the trusted name in casino games- Gamesys, which ensures quality and fairness in equal measure.

By enabling players to start the wager from as low as one penny, the game providers have ensured that the lovable game can be played by every slot fan.

The returns players receive in this game are also among the highest as per the industry standards.

Bonus Games at Tiki Island Slot

Players can enjoy a couple of bonus games too at Tiki Island slot, like Pop the Puffer Fish game and the Tiki Nuts Bonus.

Here the pop-ups in Puffer Fish game are accompanied by a coin rush, which are calculated in the final winnings.

Similarly, when the reels have three coconuts in alignment, the Tiki Nuts Bonus game comes in to play.

Once a coconut is chosen, at the Tiki Nuts Bonus game, the prize money won is revealed to the joy of players.

In addition to the bonus features, Tiki Island slot is the favourite of the players due to the presence of jackpot round in the game.

The Casino Bonus Offers

Players are pampered heavily right from the point of entry in to the Tiki Island, as they are commonly paid welcome bonus of up to 200% on the deposits made.

Players are also able to enter the wager round in real money games by playing the free games.

Free games provided at the site are as competitive as the real money games and thus, is an ideal source to practice for the inexperienced players.

An Easy to Play Slot

Tiki Island slots are featured in Flash games, which enable players to start playing the game instantaneously instead of wasting time by downloading the game on to their system, first.

Tiki Island slot with features borrowed from bingo, now enjoy popularity of the highest order among all the casino games.

The highly profitable and entertaining game can therefore, be played safely from leading casino sites, which offer the bingo games, like Caesars Bingo, Jackpotjoy, Heart Games and Virgin Games.

Double Bubble Bonus Rounds

bonus innitDouble bubble can be a fun ride for those who want to win big bucks. The most exciting part of this slot is that if you line up the five reels in winning combination, then you can win 22 times of your stake. Also, if you enter the bonus round, you’re in for more fun and surprises that will definitely make your day.

Double the Bubble

Double Bubble is a five reel, twenty line slot, which also offers bonus and special scatter features. You can choose your coin size, and then play with as many lines as you like. To increase your chances of winning, you can play with all 20 lines, which give you a chance to win 22 times of your initial stake. To play with all the 20 lines, you need to click on BETMAX and then click on spin. This is when the real fun begins.

The ‘Wild’ Fantasy

The Double Bubble Wild Symbol is your ultimate fantasy in this slot as it gets you the maximum payout. This Double Bubble Wild Symbol can be substituted for any symbol that you need to complete your winning combination. If at all you manage to line up five symbols which are Double Bubble logo in any line you will win 20,000 times the coin size that you chose initially.

The Pop Bonus Game

db bonusTo start the Bubble Bonus Pop round, you need to line up Bubble Bonus symbols on the reels that are particularly on 1, 3 and 5. If you manage to do so, the bonus game will automatically start and you will have to select one bubble and burst it.

If after bursting the bubble, a multiplier pops up, then you’re lucky and you have won it. It is multiplied to your initial coin size, also checking the lines that the three symbols appeared on and then is added to your account. If you enter the Bonus Pop game then you are sure to win a cash prize.


Scattering the Bubbles

The scatter feature enables you to combine the scatter symbols (the ones that appear inside the bubble) and constitute a bubble line, which appears right below the display of the reels. If on the bubble line these scatter symbols make a winning combination, then the win that you have scored will increase, and it will be multiplied by the bonus. Your bonus will be equal to the coins you have on the bet, but in case you are playing with 20 coins, then your bonus multiplier will be the maximum which is 22.

Spin for Free

The scatter symbols are also useful when a lot of them appear on your game screen together. When more than three scatter symbols are seen on the screen, then you get 10 free spins.

To Keep in Mind

  • Once you click on spin, then the game starts and if you try to pause/stop it in between then you automatically lose the amount of your stake.
  • Every time you click on spin, the spin is going to be totally independent of the previous spins.
  • The Double Bubble symbol is like the wild card and can be used as a substitute for any other symbol.
  • The game that gets you the bonus starts when the bonus symbols appear particularly on reels 1, 3 and 5.
  • All the wins are multipliers for your coins and are not amounts in currency.
  • Internet allows you to play this game online with ease. But disconnections are likely to occur, in which case your last recorded or stored bets will be the final database to determine your bets and wins.

Double Bubble Slots-A Burst of Fruits!

Double Bubble is a popular slot game. If you want to have pure fun, this game should be your first choice. The best thing about this game is that it is easy to learn and you can win big. This article will provide you a detailed guide about how to play the game and increase your chances of winning.


There are 20 pay lines and this slot game has five reels. The highest possible payout is 20k of the coin size. The bonus game and the line bonus are some of the special features of this game. There are some special symbols such as bubble and wild.

Coin Size

Selecting the coin size is the very first exercise that you need to complete. The coin size will decide your wager amount for each line. Your winning amount will depend upon the size of your coin. It is directly proportional. The bigger the size of your coin, the more is the possibility to win. You can easily do it by simply clicking on the plus and the minus sign to display the sample coin size.

Win Lines

The next task is to select the winning lines for betting. These lines are of various colours and they are visible across reels. It is possible to bet up to 20 lines. The value of the spin directly depends on the number of the reels. That being said, more reels will increase your chances of winning.

Wild Symbols

Wild is the symbol for double bubble. It has the power of substituting any cards other than the bonus symbol. The best result is when one manages to bring five double bubble symbols. This will make you eligible for the highest pay.

Bubble Line

If the symbols fall in the bubble, the placement is done in the winning area, which comes second in line. If the second area’s symbol makes the winning combination, the combination gets multiplied with the number of lines.

Pop Bonus Round

The bonus round gets initiated if any one of the three symbols appears on reel 1, 3 or 5. You would have the choice of selecting one bubble. If the coin chosen by you happens to be a multiplier, you can win it.

Gaming Rules

The game is started by pressing the spin button that is visible in the screen. Once it gets started, there is nothing that a player can do and he will have no option, but to play the game. If the player chooses not to play the game, his money gets deducted from his account.

The spins are independent of them and do not depend on any factors such as the previous spins or the reel’s start position. Even the reels are absolutely independent and do not depend on any other factors. The reels and the spins are decided by computer software, which are not biased and free from any external influence form anyone.

The amount of win is paid in accordance with the table. The amount, which is displayed in the table are nothing but coin multipliers. The wins get scored from a left to right direction. Wins are also paid on basis of lines.

These are some of the features involved with the game. However, this is played over the internet and the medium is not known to be perfect. A small page error or an error in connection can result in havoc that can change the result of the game. Although gambling companies take utmost care to ensure such technological glitches does not happen, but it is a possibility nevertheless.