Arctic Treasure Game

With bonus games that regularly trigger, stunning sound effects and animated reel symbols we think you are going to love all of those features you will find on Playtech’s Arctic Treasure slot game.

This slot is one of their more recently launched slot games and as such it some with many additional features that you will not have seen attached to some of their older slots. However being from Playtech you can rest assured it is a fully rounded slot game to play as you are about to discover!

Staking and Payout Information

With some slots such as the Arctic Treasure slot game boasting a low to medium variance type of playing structure one aspect of you choosing to give this slot any amount of play time online is there should always be plenty of low valued winning combinations spinning in.

You will of course want to get plenty of winning opportunities and you will do if you choose to play all of its 20 optional pay lines, more so due to the very high 96.03% payout percentage found on this slot game.

If you are seeking a low stake slot game to play then one aspect of this slot you will appreciate is that you can play it with coin values of just 0.01 however those coin values can be increased if you want to play for much higher stake amounts.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

You will notice from time to time a Bonus Ice Crystal reel symbols will spin in on only the first and last reel of this slot. You will need to have both of those symbols dropping in on both of those two reels during nay one single base game spin to be awarded with this slots first bonus game.

That bonus game will see you having to play off a pick to win based bonus feature when triggered and in total when playing hat bonus game off you could win a payout worth 150 times your base game bet.

A potentially much higher paying bonus game can be awarded to you when playing this slot as soon as you get three or more of the Kayak symbols spinning into view, those symbols are scatter symbols so when you do get three or more of them appearing not only do your trigger the free spins but a scatter pays payout is also awarded to you.

You are awarded with an initial set of 10 free spins when three or more of those scatter symbols make an appearance on any one single base game spin and x3 multipliers are in play on each free spin you play off.

Playing Tip

If you are a little short of funds when you decide to play Playtech slot game online then this may be an ideal slot to play. With the paylines being optional and the bonus game being triggered by scatter symbols, even when playing low stake and minimum paylines spins you still have an equal chance of triggering that bonus game as maximum payline slot players!

Atlantis Queen Slot

There are so many standout qualities on offer on Playtech’s Atlantis Queen Slot game we just know you are going to love playing it.

This slot has fully animated reel symbols which brings the slot to life and with additional sampled sound effects, a high RTP and a mega sized jackpot on offer please do take a good look over this review for if you are a slot player it will tick all of the right boxes in regards to what you look for from a slot.

Staking and Payout Information

There is quite a lot of information we need to bring to your attention regarding the way the Atlantis Queen Slot game has been designed.

The slot boasts 25 payline and lots of different staking options, but with a low to medium variance playing structure and a payout percentage of around 95% this slot can be one on which you experience some much longer playing sessions.

However, being a completely random slot then you will always have a chance of winning some of the higher valued winning payouts listed on its pay table no matter at what stake level you do decide to play it for, so always put into play a sensible stake limit when playing it.

There is a base game jackpot on offer which will see you getting paid out a 5000 coin jackpot on this slot and to do so five of the Neptune symbols need to drop onto any of your put into play pay lines.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

You will love playing this slot game is you like playing off pick to win styled bonus games are there are two completely different ones that can be awarded to you off any single bas game spin.

The first pick to win bonus game awards a set of cash payouts when you have triggered it, you will need to get three of the Pearl bonus symbols spinning in and then you get to pick off a set of Pearls form the bonus game, each of which awards a different cash prize.

However, by you spinning into view three or more of the Temple scatter symbols you then get to play off  a multi stage picking game on which you are awarded with free spins and a multiplier value depending on which parts of the bonus grid you pick.

However, by making your ay up that grid you could also be awarded with extra scatter symbols and/or extra wild symbols that will be in play during your free spins feature round.

Playing Tip

Thanks to the wild symbols in play on the middle three reels, this slot can and quite often does award some very high valued winning payouts, when all of those wild symbols spin in. With that in mind this is a great slot to play if you are a high rolling slot player, for when playing maximum line and stake spins some mega sized payouts could be awarded to you!

Highway Kings Slot

Classic slot games are available to play at all Playtech powered casino sites, however if you are looking to play video slots, but would prefer to play one that has no bonus games or bonus features that often slow down your playing sessions, then feast your eyes over this review of the Highway Kings slot.

This is a slot offering only a small number of paylines, and no bonus games and whilst that may put you off playing it, we think you are going to be very impressed by its very high RTP!

Staking and Payout Information

There are not that many slot games which have been designed in the same way that Playtech’s Highway Kings has been designed. This slot has a both ways playing structure, so on each spin you play off a winning combination can form from left to right on the paylines and also right to left.

The payout percentage is one of the best aspects of this slot game for it has been designed to return 97.06% f players stakes as winning payouts over their long term play. It is also a 9 payline slot so playing maximum line spins will never be as expensive as it will be when you play slots with a much higher number of pay lines!

There are several different coloured Trucks attached to each of the five reels as reel symbols however the Red Truck is the one which will award you with the jackpot when you are playing this slot.

To be in with a chance of winning that jackpot simply send the reels spinning on your chosen stakes and if five of the Red Trucks then spin in on any one single in play payline a massive 10000 coins will be awarded to you.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

There are, as mentioned above going to be no bonus games or bonus features that will be awarded dot you when playing Playtech’s Highways Kings slot game.

However, there are a couple of unique reel symbols we should let you know about. The first of them is the Red Truck reel symbols we told you about earlier. Not only will that symbol award the 10000 coin jackpot but they are also wild symbols so can and will help you complete other winning combinations.

Also there is a scatter symbols on all five reels of the Highways Kings slot game and those are the Exhaust Pipe symbols, whilst no bonus games are going to be awarded by those scatter symbols get two or more of them in view and a scatter pays payout will be awarded to you.

Playing Tip

Another Playtech slot game which has a payout percentage over 97% is a slot worth playing, you really are going to notice just how many more winning combinations are formed when you play this slot.

So our only tip for playing the Highway Kings slot game is to give it as much play time as you can, as you will find it a high paying and fast paying slot.

Irish Luck Slot

How do you fancy sitting down to play a video slot game on which you could end up winning 33 free spins and with multipliers attached to those free spins of x15? Well if that is something you are interested in doing then make sure you sit down and play the Irish Luck slot.

You will find this slot is available at all Playtech software powered casinos sites and you will have the chance of sampling it out for free or for real money at those casinos.

Staking and Payout Information

With its quite unique theme and a payout percentage of 94.25% this is the type of slot game you will always enjoy playing. However, as it has 30 pay lines and a plethora of different coin value settings it is the type of slot you are not going to find too expensive to play for long periods of time.

One thing you do need to be aware of is that the Irish Luck slot is a medium to high variance slot and as such you may need to play off a large number of base game spins before some of the higher valued winning combinations spin in, but spin in they will do, eventually!

There are wild symbols attached to the Irish Luck slot and by having those spinning in you will find not only do they stand in for each of the standard reel symbols but they will double the payout of those combinations they help to form. Five wild symbols which are the Woman symbols on any payline in play will see you picking up a very sizeable 10000 coin jackpot payout.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

The bonus game is the best aspect of this slot game by a long shot, for when you are playing it and you get just three or more of the scatter symbols spinning in a set of free spins are awarded to you.

However, the free spins you will be awarded with and the multipliers attached to them will only be revealed once the bonus game has been triggered, and with the maximum number of spins being 33 and the multipliers being as high as x15 there are some huge winning opportunities available on this slot when that bonus game is awarded to you!

The way in which you will discover just how many free spins and the multiplier values is by picking off from the bonus game screen one of the God Pots displayed don that bonus game screen, so make sure you pick your pot wisely!

Playing Tip

Keep you stake levels to modest amounts when playing not only the Irish Luck slot but any slot with a similar medium to high variance structure.

Whilst you may be tempted to play for higher stakes even penny slot players can have some very large base and bonus game winning combinations spinning in from time to time. So lots of low stake spins is the ideal way to play this slot.

Forest Of Wonders Slot

Playtech love designing slot games which players always like playing and one slot which impressed us when we gave it a whirl was the Forest of Wonders slot.

In fact below you will find a complete review of this slot so please do read it though for it comes with two unique bonus games, a high payout percentage and you can play it for a range of different stakes too!

Staking and Payout Information

A progressive jackpot could be won when you are playing the Forest of Wonders slot game so it may be a slot that does appeal to a lot of players. However, the jackpot will not grow as quickly as some of the other jackpots do on for example Playtech’s Marvel Jackpot slots as that jackpot is attached only to this slot game.

Whilst there is a progressive jackpot attached to this slot, one aspect to playing this slot which will not see you making any compromises in its payout percentage.

For the RTP of this slot is a very respectable and high 95.51%. If you couple that RTP with the low variance playing structure it does make this slot highly playable thanks to the rate at which the winning combinations can and do form as you are playing it.

The wild symbols on the Forest of Wonders slot game is the sleeping creature reel symbol, and it is that symbols which awards the 5000 coin jackpot when five of them appear on a payline you have activated.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

The Rabbit symbol is the one which will award you with a set of free spins when playing this slot game, you need to have at least three of them in view and when you do you then click on one of the symbols to reveal just how many free spins and the multiplier value you will get to play off.

There is also a second bonus game which can be awarded to you on this slot however that bonus game is triggered via a set of Mushroom bonus symbols. Being bonus symbols you have to get three or more of them on an activated payline starting on the first reel and then on consecutive reels.

When you do line up such a combination of those bonus symbols you then get to play off a very easy to understand pick and win bonus game on which a series of winning payouts will be awarded to you depending on where you click on the bonus game screen.

Playing Tip

As you are going to have the chance of spinning in three or more scatter symbols to trigger this slot games bonus feature round, you have as much chance of triggering it when playing low number of line as any other player, even those playing it for higher stakes and a high number of pay lines.

So if you are on a small limited bankroll you should find it a fun to play slot and one that gives you more than enough winning opportunities.

Fishing with Buddies Slot

There is something very, very unique about the Fishing with Buddies slot game which has recently gone live in all Playtech powered casino sites, and that is this is the very first slot designed by Playtech that is a multi player game.

That does of course mean whenever you choose to play this slot you will be playing it alongside many other players, and it also comes with a community based bonus feature round which when triggered sees all players playing this slot playing off the bonus game together!

Staking and Payout Information

Whilst not a slot boasting some of the much higher payout percentage you will find on offer on some other Playtech slots this games 95.08% should ensure you get a fair amount of your stakes back as winning payouts over your long term play.

However, as with any new slot game you come across you should always give it some play time either for free or for low stakes to see if you like the way the slot has been designed.

That is something that you are going to be able to do when playing the Fishing with Buddies slot as it is available at any Playtech powered casino site as a free play slot or as a real money slot.

If you are wondering just what you could win when playing the Fishing with Buddies then do take a look at the pay table of the slot when you launch it for that is where all of the payouts and winning combinations are listed.

However, the jackpot on offer on this multi player slot game is a large valued one, and by getting five wild symbols on any activated payline you will be awarded with a jackpot worth a cool 5000 coins.

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

When the bonus game is triggered you and all of the other players sat playing that slot at the very moment the bonus game was awarded will get to play off that feature round together.

The bonus game is fairly unique and is based around a fishing game, you will first have to select one of the bears displayed don’t he bonus game screen and by doing so that bear will then start fishing.

Based on the number and type of fish he manages to catch you will then be awarded with cash payouts, all payouts you achieve are added together and are awarded as one final winning payout.

Playing Tip

It can often take you a high number of base game spins before you trigger the bonus game on this slot, however form time to time you may find you get several bonus games triggering in quick succession.

If that does turn out to be the case when playing this slot then consider slightly increasing the stake levels you are playing it for as if it triggers again fairly quickly you could end up being awarded with a much larger bonus game winning payout!

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