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Tiki Island Slot Game’s Puffer Fish Bonus Feature Increases Your Wins!

Gamesys’ Tiki Island slot game is an absolute winner and the game attracts players in whichever casino it is featured. This five reel and 20 pay line video slot machine isn’t only an interesting game, thanks to its bright and beautiful Pacific Island theme, but it also gives you plenty of opportunities to earn money. You can bet anything between 1p and £10 on every spin, hoping to win the fabulous jackpot of 10,000 credits or even the next highest payout of 1,000 credits. Incidentally, you can play this game for free, but you won’t earn any money if you win!

Tiki Island slot game has been made very interesting, thanks to plenty of scatter and wild symbols as well as a couple of seriously attractive bonus features-Puffer Fish and Tiki Island Nuts. We’ll be talking about the Puffer Fish bonus feature at length here, so that you know how to maximise your winnings.

How is the Puffer Fish Bonus Feature Activated?

The Puffer Fish Bonus feature is activated by the Puffer Fish Bonus scatter symbols. Incidentally, this bonus feature will only launch if the right symbols are scattered on the first three reels and not on the last two. Three of these symbols have to appear anywhere on an active line in order for the feature to be launched.

Keep in mind that this bonus feature cannot be activated by the Tiki Island Logo wild symbol since it cannot substitute for the Puffer Fish Bonus scatter symbol.

What Happens in the Puffer Fish Bonus Feature?

When the Puffer Fish Bonus feature game is activated, you get taken far out to sea on a quest to make a lot of money. Each round of the game has you facing three brightly coloured puffer fish. All you need to do is click on a particular fish to release a virtual shower of coins. The game continues as long as the fish you click on releases coins. The minute you click on a fish that doesn’t have any coins this feature comes to an end.

What’s so Special About the Bonus Feature?

You’ll definitely look forward to playing this bonus feature since all the wins you get within it will be multiplied by the line bet that initiated the feature. Fascinatingly, in case the combination happened across multiple played lines, then the bonus awarded will take into account this as well. Depending on how much you wagered on the spin that launched the game in the first place, there’s a lot of money to be collected, thanks to this bonus feature game!

You get sent back to the regular game when the Puffer Fish Bonus feature game is done. You can keep playing and once you are done, the wins you have collected during the bonus feature will be added to your total haul from the game.

There are plenty of great reasons to play the Tiki Island slot game, but the Puffer Fish Bonus feature game is definitely one of the top ones!




The Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Feature is One Reason to Play Tiki Island Slot!

Gamesys’ Tiki Island slot game is incredibly popular with fans of slot games and many casinos feature it on account of its ability to attract players. This exciting and well-made video slot machine with five reels and 20 pay lines gives you lots of chances to win big. Its theme of a Pacific island is also very interesting indeed. The game has a jackpot of 10,000 credits, which you can try for by wagering a minimum of 1p and a maximum of £10 on every spin. You can also play this game for free to get the hang of it, but you’ll have to wager real money in order to win money.

Tiki Island slot game has enough scatter and wild symbols to keep things interesting and it also has two fabulous bonus features, Tiki Island Nuts and Puffer Fish. Let’s find out more about the Tiki Island Nuts bonus feature

How is the Feature Launched?

The Tiki Island Nuts Bonus feature can be activated only by the Tiki Island Nuts Bonus scatter symbols. This bonus feature will launch if the correct bonus symbols are scattered on reels 3, 4, and 5 and not on 1 and 2. Furthermore, the feature will be launched when three of these symbols appear anywhere on an active line.

This bonus feature cannot be activated by the Tiki Island Logo wild symbol since it cannot substitute for the Tiki Island Nuts Bonus scatter symbol.

What Happens in the Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Feature?

When the Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Feature game is activated, your screen will show nine coconuts.

You need to ‘dislodge’ the coconuts, one at a time, by clicking on them. Each coconut will break apart to show you what it contains, which can be a bonus prize amount or the Collect symbol. If the coconut reveals a bonus prize, then the game continues and you can try your luck at the next coconut. Meanwhile, the prize amount will be added to your bonus meter. If you were to click on the Collect symbol, then you will be given two credits for each of the remaining coconuts. The Tiki Island Nuts Bonus feature game comes to an end at this point.

What’s so Special About This Bonus Feature?

You’ll be really happy to play the Tiki Island Nuts Bonus feature game since this gives you an incredible chance to increase your wins. The total prize money that you collect from this bonus feature game will be added to your kitty when you are returned to the main game. The wins will be multiplied by the initiating line bet, and in case the initial bet was across multiple lines, then the total will be even bigger. As you can see, there is a lot of money to be won this way.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Tiki Island Nuts Bonus feature game is a very good reason to play the Tiki island slot game and it will ensure that you keep coming back for more!



Know What Coin Denominations to Use and When to Bet Max While Playing Tiki Island Slot!

It is often said that online slot games are very simple and uncomplicated. In fact, this is one reason cited by experts for the popularity of the slot games. But when a new player signs up at an online slot game, the person realises that there are many things, which a player has to become familiar with before hoping to enjoy the slot game.

The Coin Size

A player signing up to play slots is required to take a decision about the coin size with which he wishes to play the game, before the start of the game. Coin size plays a big role in the ultimate earnings the player would be making. Various coin denomination options are offered at different slot games. In Tiki Island slot, coin size varies from 1p to £10. Players can get to know about the choices of denomination available by clicking on the coin size icon provided on the website.

Betting Amount and Coin Size

The coin size chosen also determines the amount of bets placed by the player. While mostly the minimum denomination offered at slot games is 1p, the maximum denomination in some cases goes up to even £100. Since players are always paid at slot games only for the pay lines activated by them, amount earned at the game is the product of the coin size and the coins won on the active pay lines. Thus, when a player chooses a coin size of 1p in Tiki Island slot game, then the minimum amount they wager is 1p on each pay line.

Bet Max

Another slot term that a player should be well versed with is Bet Max or Max Bet. This is nothing, but the maximum possible amount a player is able to bet on each pay line of the slot game. The reason players opt for max bet is mostly that it is one of the requirements to progress to the jackpot rounds.

Selecting the Max Bet Option

For the convenience of players, almost every slot machine including the Tiki Island slot has the auto selection button to choose the Max Bet option. This enables the players to set their game on max bet mode easily. Players, however, need to ensure that the max bet option is within their budgetary range for betting, before choosing the auto max bet icon.

The Advantages of Max Bet

Since obviously max bet wins the players the highest earnings, this option can be explored by players to win the highest amount from their favourite slot games like Tiki Island slot. However, when the max bet is beyond their budget, players have the option of choosing other slot games where the max bet is within their budgetary limits. Often in slot games, freebies like free spins are offered exclusively to players who opt for max bets and hence, choosing this option is quite beneficial.



With These Slot Machine Playing Tips, You’ll Have Better Luck at Tiki Island Slot

Like in any online game, slot game players are better off when they strategise their game and accordingly make their moves. Essentially, slot games are very simple and the colourful environment of the slot game adds to the entertainment. Yet to ensure that you do not miss out winning big money and to help you avoid big losses, tips on how to play slot games are very useful.

The Cardinal Rule

Before starting to play any slot game, players are advised to at go through the pay table provided at the portal first, and carefully make a note of the factors like jackpot requirements and the coin sizes available. This ensures that a player does not miss out on something special like a jackpot by a whisker in the Tiki Island slot game. Pay table of any slot game is full of pertinent info about the game including the number of pay lines, coin sizes made available and the jackpot requirements.

Enjoying the Game of Slots

As these conditions and requirements vary from game to game it becomes very important to read the conditions every time you login to a new game. And since it is not merely about winning money at the slots, players are advised to know more about slot games, for instance, Tiki Island, so as to enjoy the game fully. By being conversant about the game entirely, players are able to explore the joys inherent in the game. Therefore, before starting any slot game, if the players go through the details of the game, it would help them in making decent earnings as well as enjoy the game completely.

Opt for Max Bet

In slot games, players can exercise their option in placing their bet value. However the unanimous view of the experts is that it is beneficial if a player opts for Max Bet. Basically, most slot games require the players to place the maximum bet to gain eligibility to progress to the jackpot round. Since the fun of playing Tiki Island slot game can be experienced only when the player moves to the jackpot round, a player should not forfeit his eligibility by opting out of max bet.

Constraints of Max Bet

A factor, which may forbid a player in taking up the max bet option, is his budget. A player who is handicapped by the budget can alternatively look for a slot game where the max bet is of a lower magnitude. By choosing to play max bet in a slot where the amount is within their budgetary limits, the players retain their chance of progressing to the jackpot round.

Tips About Placing Bets

Expert slot players conclude that in the progressive rounds of Tiki Island slot game, it is helpful if bets are placed on as many pay lines as possible by varying the bet amounts. In this way, the players gain dual advantage of betting on a maximum number of pay lines, while also expending lesser money on the slot.




Novomatic Showcases 360° Gaming Experience at ICE

The leading gaming technology developer, Novomatic has a very interesting presentation scheduled for next month when it takes visitors through a 360° gaming experience at 23rd edition of ICE Totally Gaming 2017.

The event will take place from the 7th to the 9th of February in London.

It is very important for the industry and it attracts participants from all the leading companies associated with land based and online gaming.

ICE will be the venue for many product launches showcasing innovative gaming solutions but all eyes will be turned to Novomatic to see what it has to offer this year. Novomatic is after all one of the best known providers of omni-channel solutions to the gaming industry. Visitors to the Novomatic stand will be taken through a detailed and comprehensive presentation of its varied product offerings, and this will be easily managed since the stall will be divided into individual sections. Needless to say, there will be a hospitality area as well where visitors can sample foods and beverages from Austria.

Novomatic’s CEO Harald Neumann said that the coming year would be an exciting one for all the members of the gaming industry. His own company would be showcasing many new products and technologies this year.

The reception area of the Novomatic stand will have a fascinating display of casino games, cabinets, and gaming systems. The VIP cabinets will no doubt attract a lot of attention, but so will the multiplayer cabinets. Visitors will also check out the GAMINATOR® Scorpion slot machine that comes with many new titles.

Ainsworth Game Technology will participate with Novomatic where its A640® cabinet will be displayed. It will also launch exciting games here, with some of them being linked progressives. Up and coming video bingo developer Otium will also be present here to showcase its OT-100 cabinet and new games.

Novomatic’s UK business will display a number of Batman licensed games meant for different markets. Astra’s Batman Begins title is sure to attract a lot of attention in the VIP Lounge. The Batman Gotham City games from Bell-Fruit Games, along with a number of Cat B4 and Cat C titles will also be worth checking out. Gamestec will also have its own Batman games. However, its VR competition will definitely be the focus of that area.

Novomatic’s Interactive division will display a basket of goodies containing brand new games, especially for mobile and social gaming. Extreme Live Gaming will showcase its innovative and social Club Roulette game. Greentube will display its premium content here, including its server-based gaming system known as Plurius. There will also be many AWP (amusement with prizes) slots from this company.

AbZorba Games will use this stand to launch its much awaited B2B HTML5 casino gaming titles.

Other companies launching digital content here are Mazooma Interactive and EuroCoin Interactive. The StakeLogic launch of its 3D slot game known as Darts Heroes will surely attract lots of visitors because the company has roped in four leading darts players to display their prowess at the sport. There will also be a darts competition between 1 and 4 pm on the 7th of February.

The Novomatic stand will also feature a number of VLT and AWP products in addition to cash management systems made by the company’s European subsidiaries. There will also be products for the lottery and sports betting verticals.
Novomatic is an enormous company that employs around 28,000 employees in more than 50 countries all over the world. It operates at least 235,000 gaming terminals in addition to providing online gaming solutions. In short, the company has a very significant role to play in the gambling industry both directly and through its international subsidiaries.


A Happy Customer Wins Big at EnergyCasino

Popular gaming site EnergyCasino has had a major win right at the outset of the year and it gives customers plenty of excitement to look forward to. The customer in question, a Hungarian, had actually had a very busy time at the gambling site for almost a week. In fact, the player was busy on a wide range of slots such as Go Bananas!, Ariana, Jimi Hendrix and Aloha! Cluster Pays until the King of Slots game caught his attention. This game was particularly profitable for the Hungarian, since it brought in profits of €101,309. The overall take from the session that lasted from the 3rd of January to the 9th was €61,413 which is pretty impressive in itself.

According to the people at EnergyCasino, it is very common for players to try out a number of slots games before finding one that suits them the best perhaps because they like the theme or quality of animation or just maybe they feel that it is lucky. Lots of players also use a strategy of placing big wagers in order to go for the really big wins. This has the associated risk of finishing their bankroll quickly but many players obviously feel that the rewards are worth the risk.

Attractive Bonuses and Promotions Catch Customers’ Eyes at EnergyCasino

It’s a fact that many players cannot afford to place big wagers, as much as they would love to. Therefore, many of them play at gambling sites that offer attractive bonuses and promotions. This is actually the best way to play because it offers the maximum value for money. Many players actually end up placing very small wagers on slots so that they can continue playing for as long as possible. In fact, there have been many instances of people winning big on the basis of a tiny wager!

The best online casinos tend to offer a very wide range of games, particularly slot games, and they are particular about updating the list of games on a regular basis. King of Slots is one of the most popular slot games at present, and that’s probably why the EnergyCasino player decided to take a shot at it.

King of Slots: The Winning Ticket of the Customer at EnergyCasino

The King of Slots game is a 25-payline and 3-row game with 15 independent reels. One of the most popular games from Net Entertainment, it has all the features that players love to see such as wilds, free spins, and sticky wins. It also has an Autoplay feature. Players like games that have this feature because it lets them keep playing without a break. King of Slots can also be played for free and this also has an enthusiastic following because it’s a great way to enjoy its fantastic graphics and superior gameplay without spending money. Of course, the players will have to forgo any chance of winning money if they don’t wager anything.

EnergyCasino is an extremely busy gaming site that showcases games from many different companies. It is unusual in that it features games from companies that provide gaming software to land based operators in addition to the usual complement of online gaming software developers. This is a good site to play games from companies such as Server Based Solutions (SBS), and Greentube in addition to Microgaming, and Net Entertainment among others.

Customers enjoy playing at EnergyCasino because it is a reliable and properly managed place to gamble. There are plenty of great bonuses to be obtained here. What’s more, these bonuses have reasonable playthrough terms. It wouldn’t be surprising at all to hear about additional wins taking place at this online casino since the volume of business it conducts is very high.


Binary Options Trading At FortuneJack

Popular Bitcoin gambling site FortuneJack owes much of its popularity to the fact that it offers a very wide range of games for its customers to try out. As a matter of fact, the gambling site is one of the most favoured destinations for Bitcoin users. It is exceedingly well run for a company that is relatively new in the gambling industry. The reason for this is pretty simple; the company is helmed by people with a great deal of experience in the land based and online gambling industries.

Another reason for FortuneJack’s popularity is that it offers customers plenty of flexibility when it comes to making payments. In fact, this online casino stands out from the others in the industry because it gives players the options of transacting in many other crypto currencies apart from Bitcoins. The different crypto currencies accepted include Dogecoin, Reddcoin, Namecoin, Novacoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin, Peercoin, and Clams.

Since this casino deals in Bitcoins and other crypto currencies, users will be able to refill their accounts instantly and absolutely free of charge. Withdrawals can also be done equally quickly, subject to the play through terms and condition of the site being met. The minimum amount for withdrawal has been set at 0.0001 bitcoin or the equivalent amount in any other crypto currency.

As mentioned earlier, the selection of games at FortuneJack is very wide. Players can try out a variety of games such as slots, fortune wheel, lotteries, roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack and keno. There is also a good selection of live games for people who prefer interacting with an actual deal when gambling. Therefore, the live games section also features many variations of roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat. The library of slots titles is really huge, in keeping with the preferences of most online gamblers.

While FortuneJacks’ gambling menu is no doubt very impressive, the site also offers something very interesting to its customers.

The site’s Binary Trader game is really unusual in that it has components of betting and financial games while also requiring some financial skills. Also known as Fixed Odds Financial Betting, Binary Trading is a unique and exciting way to make money off the financial markets by betting on currency movements.

Binary Trading is extremely fast paced and immersive, since it uses HTML5 technology. It isn’t possible to bet on all currencies using this trading method since it only permits betting on popular financial indices such as the FTSE and DAX in addition to certain currencies such as the US Dollar and Euro. The Binary Trading platform at FortuneJack is a great deal of fun since it is intuitive and easy to use.

The FortuneJack site also offers a number of fabulous promotions to attract customers.

For starters, new players are credited with a 100% welcome bonus equal to their initial deposit.

The casino’s weekly promotions are also worth looking forward to. This is a provably fair casino that players can rely on to provide a reliable and safe gambling experience. The site does not maintain a high house edge in order to provide players with plenty of opportunities to win (and therefore keep coming back to play). As a matter of fact, the dice game with auto roll feature has a very low house edge of 1%.

It is fair to say that no other crypto currency gaming site can provide a comparable experience as FortuneJack. Anyone who is keen to enjoy the thrills of Binary Trading (as well as the whole host of regular casino games) should definitely visit this online casino and check out all that it has to offer.


Which Work Best – Apps Or Mobile Gaming Sites?

The online gambling industry is currently debating the relative merits of apps versus mobile gaming sites because operators need to be aware of where their money can be best spent. There is no doubt that the industry is fast moving towards mobile usage and that operators need to be able to provide their customers with gaming platforms that they really want to use. However, since it takes quite a bit of money to develop applications or websites meant to be used on mobile phones, operators will definitely need to think carefully before spending any.

It is a fact that mobile gaming sites predate apps, and therefore they tend to be more popular at the present.

Even so, quite a few online casinos are choosing to get mobile apps and these are proving to be very popular with their customers. Since people are already accustomed to installing a number of apps on their mobile phones for all sorts of purposes, it is quite easy for them choose a casino app as well. As a matter of fact, it seems very likely that mobile apps are fast on their way to becoming the standard for the industry.

There are quite a few reasons for the increasing popularity of mobile apps for a whole lot of purposes, and not just for online gambling. To start with, they are extremely convenient to use since they are especially designed to be used on small screens. Mobile apps do not require a lot of clicking through in order to move through the different features offered to customers.

Once people have chosen a particular casino to gamble on, they will find the mobile app to be the best option. All players have to do then is to download the casino app to their devices and they will have immediate and easy access to all the games. They will also be able to easily get to other features of the casino such as payment. They will not have to waste time searching through the site for a specific game since mobile apps are designed for easy navigation. In addition, the app will not have any distracting banners and other content.

It has to be pointed out that people who like to shift from one gambling site to another won’t be keen to download mobile apps.

They will just play games on their mobile phone’s browser. However, most people tend to play on two or three sites at a maximum since they have to commit money to the gambling site and will therefore, have to finish it within a certain amount of time.

The major drawback to a mobile app is that it is difficult to pack a whole lot of games into it.

Casino operators might therefore offer only a limited selection of games on their app as compared to a mobile site.

As far as gaming operators are concerned, they have to put in as much effort and money to design a mobile app as they do on optimizing their gaming site for use on a mobile phone. In other words, they have to go through the same amount of trouble to design both options. It therefore boils down to doing what will get them the maximum business.

Online gamblers have become very savvy these days and they compare the features of different sites before they choose any one. While the quality of the site or the app, and the ease of access is extremely important, customers are also keen to choose an operator who is reliable. There are too many stories of online gambling scams for people to take this topic lightly.