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Biggest William Hill Shareholder Considers the Company’s Sale

London based hedge fund, Parvus Asset Management, has reignited interest in a possible sale of gambling industry biggie William Hill. In fact, there have been many rumours of mergers and acquisitions swirling around William Hill but nothing has come of it as of now. However, it seems that the privately owned company is now eager to find a buyer for the bookmaker and gambling operator in which it holds a 14.3% share.

It is quite likely that the renewal of interest in offloading the shares has been triggered by the possibility of new government regulations that will cut William Hill’s profitability. The UK government is about to release a triennial report on the nation’s gambling industry, but what is causing concern at Parvus is that the report will have specific focus on the highly contentious vertical of fixed-odds betting terminals. William Hill’s retail business in the UK is highly dependent on these terminals, and therefore any added regulations will hurt its profitability. Mads Eg Gensmann, the Danish owner of Parvus, is clearly eager to divest himself the FTSE 250 company’s shares before this happens.

William Hill has unfortunately been going through a fairly rough patch over the past couple of years. For one, its online division has not been performing according to expectations. The company also got a rude shock when the results of the 2016 Cheltenham Festival didn’t go the way it anticipated and it subsequently had to pay out huge amounts of money to the customers who betted correctly. In fact, this event contributed substantially to lowering the full-year profit from expectations with the company issuing a profit warning earlier this year.

William Hill’s name was linked to that of two possible suitors during 2016 but eventually nothing came out of these. The companies in question, the Rank Group and 888 Holdings, had each of their offers rejected by the UK bookmaker because the price offered was not good enough. William Hill subsequently commenced merger negotiations with Canadian company Amaya but Parvus did not look too kindly upon a potential deal. In fact, a merger could have created a gigantic entity but there were fears that shareholder value could have been compromised. In fact, Parvus went on to say that the Amaya merger discussions that were worth £5 billion did not have any logic or value before having the talks scuttled.

It has become increasingly apparent that Parvus is now open to bids from interested parties, especially if they have a strong online presence. The main contender for William Hill seems to be GVC Holding. Incidentally, this B2B and B2C gaming company had recently expanded its hold over the market thanks to buying out Even more interesting is the fact that 888 Holdings retains its intention to tie up with the bookmaker.

William Hill has a huge presence on the ground with 2,329 betting shops spread out all over the United Kingdom and most of these shops hosting FOBTs. It seems likely that the government will place restrictions on the amount of money that can be staked on these machines. Given that the bookmaker has thousands of these machines in operation, it clearly anticipates a reduction in profitability this year. Another point to be noted is that the company competes against a number of merged entities such as Paddy Power Betfair and Ladbrokes Coral in a market that is already very saturated. William Hill is also on the lookout for a Chief Executive to take the place of James Henderson who left the company last August. Needless to say, Parvus will also have a major say in this decision.


Emerging Partnership Between Lottoland and Yggdrasil to do Wonders

A recent bit of news is about Yggdrasil, a very popular slot supplier. The company has integrated all its video slots on Lottoland. The signing of this deal between both the companies will permit Lottoland to enjoy access over Yggdrasil’s promotional tools. These tools include BOOST and BRAG, which is a social sharing tool. It simply means that Lottoland will also be able to reach to a wider audience with these tools and gain more popularity in the online gaming industry.

Further, it is true that Yggdrasil has also signed a deal with SuprNation and is ready to offer its entire portfolio of slots. SuperNation is known as the latest iGaming operator found by Betit Group. This signifies that Yggdrasil believes in expanding itself. It is always on a hunt for companies that can be its good partner and can support in shaking the online gaming industry. Yes, both Lottoland and SuprNation know that the games of Yggdrasil are considered the finest in the market. No company loses a single chance to be partner with Yggdrasil and to explore its fascinating promotional tools to promote their own company.

In the Words of Fredrik Elmqvist on the Partnership Between Lottoland and Yggdrasil

Fredrik Elmqvist, the CEO at Yggdrasil Gaming recently mentioned in an interview that Lottoland has become very successful in the past few years. The company feels highly honored to have partnered with Lottoland. Fredrik mentioned that his company is proud to have sign a deal with it and expects that it will bring in more profits for both the parties. He added that the company is highly very excited to integrate with them and use the promotional tools to full extent. No doubt, Yggdrasil has achieved the expected results in Gibraltar with this deal.

The CEO always believed that the lottery attracts players the most and it is the cornerstone of the online gaming. He even expressed that Yggdrasil and Lottoland are the two firms that have been cut out from the same cloth. Both are aimed towards setting their own benchmark in the industry with its unique product offerings. Fredrik hopes that the partnership will go on for years and will be a great success in the market.

Gavin Grimes’ Take on the Partnership Between Lottoland and Yggdrasil

Gavin Grimes, the Vice President of Gaming at Lottoland stated that Yggdrasil has always proven its worth when it comes to the online world of gaming. The company is ahead of all others in terms of online slots, said Gavin in context with Yggdrasil. It offers the finest variety of slot games that include Seasons, Double Dragons, Nirvana, Bicicleta, progressive jackpot Joker Millions and many others. Besides all this, the promotional tools of Yggdrasil simply take it to the next level.

These tools are not only effective but also improve customer engagement. Gavin further remarked that his company has already reached the milestone of 4.5 million customers around the globe and the digits are still growing. The VP is very confident that the content of Yggdrasil will boost up the growth of the company and will make the offering of Lottoland much more appealing.

The Bottom Line

The deal between Yggdrasil and Lottoland is surely going to be fruitful for both the ends. It would be apt here to mention that Yggdrasil received its license to operate in Gibraltar just a year back and it has made huge growth since then. The company has signed a deal with various companies to grow and expand. All the slots that are developed by Yggdrasil are backed up by BOOST, a promotional tool that helps in elevating the customer retention rate and their engagement.


An Increase in the Mobile App Versions of Big Online Casinos

Perhaps, the technology has shown its new face by packing the online casinos in handy apps. Earlier, the perception of the people was that the laptops screens are much better and sleek than their desktop counterparts. However, they now believe that the mobile screens have become the trendiest and the friendliest. The mobile screens are much tinier as compared to the boxy appearance of huge CRT monitors and bigger laptop screens than mobile. It seems that mobiles have become much more futuristic and exciting for all the people around the globe. But yes, the smart watches have surpassed even the mobiles.

Big Casinos Packed into Tiny Apps

On the other hand, people thought that the apps providing any kind of information were not just better but highly great and impressive. However, it has become normal, as every next app is available with massive information for the users. The growth in technology has today made it possible for the online casinos to get packed into apps. Even the casinos with enormous amount of data attached to them have come onto the mobiles screens of the players with their apps.

It means that players now have much better facility and convenience of trying their favorite slots on their preferred casinos. Almost all the online casinos have started offering their mobile version after considering the demands and accessibility of the fans in mind. For the gamers, it has become highly very exciting to visit a casino through their mobile device especially since it was once unbelievable for them. However, not all have started playing on their mobiles. The new technology and innovation is going to be accepted by all gradually and the people will get used to it very soon.

The Benefits of Mobile Casino Apps

The big casinos coming onto the mobile screens through their apps are simply amazing. Moving on to their benefits, they are just endless. To start with, these apps can be downloaded on the mobile or tablet very easily and in just few minutes. People can access their much preferred casinos through the downloaded app without any hassles. It is true that regular players not actually sign up at different casino websites every day when they start playing. They just need a particular website to start with their beloved slots. It means that they now prefer visiting the same site through the app than browsing through it via their laptop or desktop.

Earlier, people used to think that these huge casino websites with loads of data have lot of graphics and so, they were not at all easy to download. Nonetheless, the invention of these tiny apps has changed the perception totally. In fact, the truth is that these online apps have been successful in offering the same exciting gaming experience to the players as they have on bog screens of their computers. Without the resources of a website, these apps have shown wonders by entertaining the people with the same music and graphics on the mobile screens. No doubt, the technology has clearly shown what it can do for the people of next generation.

The Bottom Line

It was not easier to convert real money internet casinos to the format of a mobile from that of desktop. However, the same has happened now that too, with great perfection. Online casinos getting packed into the apps has become a very common affair now and people are appreciating the same. While the developers of these apps know that they are going to make much more revenue through apps and hence, growing their business. Yes, the technological capabilities today are exploited to every extent by the app developers.


A Great Boost in the Online Casino Industry’s Revenue in New Jersey

New Jersey has already made it to the news by regulating its online casino gaming. However, it was seen that the revenue of this gaming industry was far below in the month of September as compared to the revenues of last year. The total sum of revenues has actually decreased by 1.5 percent as recorded by September 2016 Gaming Revenue Results financial report. The report revealed that the revenue in September 2015 was around $230.1 million and this year, it came down to $226.1 in the same month.

Nonetheless, this decline does not show the decline of the entire industry, as the physical casinos were at better condition than their online counterparts. For instance, The Trump Taj Mahal has actually accounted for more of the decline in online casinos’ revenue, as it was shut down. Thus, the revenues overall have increased by 2.4 percent from September 2015 to September 2016 when taking into account the now-closed casinos.

A Growth in Land-based Casinos

It is true that the physical casinos have shown a decline in its revenue. When talking in exact figures, these casinos produced a sum of around $210.4 million in September this year as compared to the sum last year, which was at $218.1 million in the same month. It means that the revenue has decreased to up to 3.5 percent. However, if the case of decline of Trump Taj Mahal is taken out, then the equation might seem much better. The rest of the casinos excluding this one have actually increased to $202.4 million this year from $201.4 last year. It means that despite the decline of one casino, the revenues of land based casinos have increased overall.

A Boost in the Revenues of Online Casinos

After the online casinos have been regulated in the Garden State, the revenues and popularity of online casinos have increased every month. People are seen signing up at different casino sites and spending most of their time in playing their favorite slot or table games online. In September 2015, online casino industry produced revenue of $12 million but it has increased incredibly this year by reaching up to the amount of $16.2 million in the same month. In fact, the reports reveal that the revenue of this industry has actually increased by one percent every month, as the revenue in August 2016 was recorded at $16.1 million. Despite the fact that August has a day less than the month of September, the revenue was much better. While talking about per day average, the same revenue has shown an increase of 4.3 percent month over month.

It can clearly be seen that Borgata was unseeded, as Golden Nugget took over the market as the leader. Borgata has recorded a decline in its overall growth if the revenue of September is taken into account. This month showed revenue remaining flat and also highlighted an increase of just 0.1 percent growth rate as compared to the revenues of last year. No doubt, this increase is minimal and is hardly of any importance. On the other hand, when it comes to Golden Nugget, it has shown an immense growth with 51.1 percent increase in the month of September. It has left Borgata far behind. Moving on to Caesars Interactive, it has showed increase of 21.9 percent with Tropicana at the increase of 15.8 percent and Resorts Digital at 208.3 percent. The statistics are of this year and it hints at the fact that these online casinos have performed much better when compared to their growth in the same period last year.

Thus, the online casino industry has shown a great success than the land-based casinos!